About Creating Answers

At Creating Answers, our goal for you is financial clarity.

To achieve this, we look, see and tell the truth about your finances through consistent communication and the use of financial tools.

We consider ourselves partners in the businesses, organizations and families we work with. We seek to motivate individuals to define, plan and accomplish their financial goals. We emphasize forward focused services including cash flow projections, cost analysis, pricing structures and budget management.

We are your Chief Financial Officer.

Our focus is working with businesses on their way to annual revenue of a million dollars. Some are just beginning their journey, passing the one hundred thousand marker; others have already passed the million marker. That’s ok; the commonality in all of the organizations we work with is that they are seeking peaceful financial growth. Each of our clients is willing to attend their monthly finance meeting where they look, see and tell the truth about their finances.

Our joy is looking forward with our clients. And while we provide bookkeeping, filings, software implementation and tax services, we only do it in conjunction with our monthly finance meeting clients who understand the priority is financial clarity and working together for vision and growth.

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